23 Handy & Quick House Cleaning Tips

23 Handy & Quick House Cleaning Tips

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23 handy & quick House cleaning tip-who has time nowadays and feel just like grandma inched to scrub the house? That’s why we give you 25 convenient cleaning and household tips. Did you know that olive oil in no time getting stains from stainless steel and why would you actually do not clean the shower while below it?

Quick House Cleaning Tips:

26 cleaning tips

26 cleaning tips

Tip 1) Wrinkle-free was

Remove the laundry right out of the machine and hang the clothes on hangers or put them stretched to dry. That way you will not get wrinkles and you do not have to iron.

Tip 2) Disposable Wipes

Make full use of disposable wipes. You need them for the toilet, the kitchen, bathroom and furniture. Without any effort as you wipe the dirt and dust from the chair of the table.

Tip 3) Fat fingers

with small children, you often have problems with greasy fingers. To achieve this way you can do it in a cleaner spray bottle. Walk the greasy fingers after using a cloth and your bottle, then everything is so clean again.

Tip 4) Spots on the couch

Children often mess on the couch. The panacea? Ox-gall soap does wonders for any stains on the couch: milk, dung, vegetable / fruit. Even chocolate is often out of the bank with ox-gall soap. You can buy ox-gall soap at the drugstore.

Tip 5) Fresh fragrance

the cleaner often gives a musty odor. This can be easily remedied by vacuuming before you go just a little washing powder to suck. The fresh scent is then distributed throughout your home.

Tip 6) Streak-free floor

23 Handy & Quick House Cleaning Tips

23 Handy & Quick House Cleaning Tips

Instead of dealing with all-purpose cleaner, laminate flooring clean you can also do this with diluted ammonia. The smell is slightly less crisp, but your floor will ensure streak-free clean.

Tip 7) Hob

the burners are often poorly cleaned with normal cleaning of the cooker. A good alternative to the burners is to use “bill” pads. Very gently rub and guaranteed that they will then shine. Plenty again

Tip 8) Deep freeze thaw

Defrosting the freezer is always a tough job. To accelerate the defrosting you can hold a hair dryer for. Just make sure your freezer is off for ten minutes and not put your hair dryer on the hottest setting. Within half an hour the job done.

Tip 9) Stainless steel surfaces

Touch everything, they do little children prefer. Stainless steel surfaces are therefore often dotted with fingerprints and smudges. You get this effortless way through a little olive oil to make. On a kitchen paper gently rub in circles and there will be no spot to be seen anymore.

Tip 10) Dirty rug

Do you just suffer from a dirty rug? Lay your garment in winter fifteen minutes upside down in fresh snow. If you again gets it all off, get dressed spotlessly clean and the snow black. Really.

Tip 11) Rommel

Clean up the mess you make as similar as possible to. In this way, a huge olio stays off and you avoid evening hope all toys should defy example.

Tip 12) Lime in the bathroom

Do you suffer from a shower or shower wall where the lime is no longer starting to get it? Coat the surface with rinse aid and allow ten minutes withdraw. Just rinse and you are relieved of all lime.

Tip 13) Administration

Ensure proper administration of your post. With different drawer boxes you can either sort your post if you get it inside. So you can then quickly and easily stored in the proper folder.

Tip 14) Was fresh

Smells your washing machine is not so fresh? Descaling the machine often helps with that smell. Put a dash (cleaning) of vinegar into the detergent compartment and the washing machine emptying at ninety degrees.

Tip 15) Fryer

a perfect tip without removable bowl to get. Deep fryer clean Get the fat out, wipe the pan clean with a paper towel and put in water with a tablet detergents. Plug in the power cord and fifteen hundred degrees on leave. Then rinse the pan a bit, and he is as good as new.

Tip 16) Onions Odor

After cutting an onion, you often smell hands there the next day to. That is not good. You can prevent this by on your hands to do after cutting some salt and thereby “washing” them. Rinse under the tap and you have no problems with onion smell. Or do rubber gloves.

Tip 17) Curtains wash

Wash your curtains is a chore because nobody makes sense to each peel off all those brackets. But you can also let them down. Simply put them together in a washcloth or sock with a rubber band around it and you can then hang curtain immediately.

Tip 18) Dirty oven

Is your oven dirty and there are leftovers caked? Grease the oven than with green soap, lay a piece of foil on the grill, and then a cloth with a dash of ammonia. After a night’s sleep you effortlessly wipe the grease and dirt from your oven off.

Tip 19) Tea Touch

Tea Stop in glasses and jugs is difficult to clean. Use your water and salt then your glasses quickly clean. The thermos you can shake it with the water and salt. For glass is a scouring pad handy.

Tip 20) Microfiber Cloths

When using a microfiber cloth you need. Avoid cleaners they are ideal to get you. Windows sparkling clean again No hassle with buckets and no stripes on your window.

Tip 21) Joints

The joints between the tiles you get perfectly clean by using bleach and soda a mixture. Lubricate here the floor or wall with it and let it withdraw a quarter. Then rinse with water and everything is clean again, without having to fumbling. On your knees with a toothbrush

Tip 22) Blinds

Blinds are often difficult to obtain, especially clean smoke stains is quickly visible. Want the blinds again get totally clean and fresh? Put it in a bath with Biotex green and after half an hour you can get them, rinse with lukewarm water. Slats get easy to clean by both to go along. Your hands to do wet washcloths and each slat from top to bottom

Tip 23) Lime Ridge in the toilet

A limestone ridge in the toilet bowl is common. Fortunately, there are several useful tips. For example, a tablet detergents in the toilet bowl and put it in to work or a night every night with a little vinegar rinse. Displays the last tip after a few days result.

Mama and So tip: Do you find it difficult to get home at least every week everything a little cleaning? Read our article ‘Clean on schedule’ for a handy cleaning schedule.

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