What To Look For When Buying A Vacuum

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With the advent of technology in our time today, constant innovations of the products are showing up this is to catch-up the stiff competition going on in the market is it then more confusing to choose which vacuum to purchased or owned for they offer almost the same features or benefits in a vacuum. Sometimes because of the massive advertisement on ads, online site, radio and TV we forgot the basics in buying a vacuum. The following are helpful tips in acquiring a vacuum.

What To Look For When Buying A Vacuum

Advantages of having a vacuum


We want to have a vacuum because to clean, scrub and removed dirt and dust in our carpets and floors. With the accessories tools like upholstery brush, crevice nozzle, it gives more help than the primary reason why we need one. What else can you clean with a vacuum besides floors and carpets? Together with the dusting brush, it can be used in lightweight fabric materials like the curtains, pillows, drapes and valances where we can reduce the power if necessary this is to protect the delicate fabric. It can also be used in dusting bookshelves, frames, walls, mirrors, cars, painting or staining project and refrigerator coils. Crevice nozzle serve best in corners and edges like cutlery drawer inside of cabinets and drawers, garbage receptacles and for lamp shades on its crevices. And most of all it cleans the air in a room, by simply disconnecting the hose from the vacuum and turning it on for 10-15 minutes leaving the closed door this result to a fresher and healthier room.

Things to ponder before owning a vacuum

vacuum choosing it right

We should consider the needs of our house or office. Will it be used just to clean the car, the whole house or the shop? Do we have pets at home? Second, do we have a small or large floor area, it is a fundamental thing to count because it saves our time and energy if we have large floor area then we need a wide cleaning path vacuum by this it is an advantage to our part. This will also dictate whether we need a small light duty, or a larger model that will be sufficient for those areas. Third, we need to think of our health status, can we carry a heavier model or can we endure a repetitive bending and lifting. Fourth, be updated about the recent technology that has a good model and with a great suctioning power and lastly make sure that the company offers warranty on both the parts and motor, ideally five years warranty or more.

Choices of vacuums

Upright Vacuum – it works best on carpets and a workable design vacuum because it prevents from frequent bending and lifting. Long ago upright vacuums have filter bags recently they offer bagless filter. What is nice about the bagged vacuum is that it prevents from contamination of dirt which is beneficial to people who have respiratory problems. HEPA filter can be found in upright canisters, some of it is washable just make sure that u wash it regularly.

Canister Vacuum– it is a lightweight vacuum that can be easily transported anywhere, it ideal on cleaning the stairs or hard to reach places. This can work on carpets but more efficient on bare floors. It uses either bag or bagless feature, what is admirable about bagless is that it cost saving because we don’t need to replace it every now and then. HEPA filters trapped dust, dirt and allergen in the air providing a fresher and healthier environment. In buying vacuum always bear in mind to ask how detached and attached the filter so that it would not be a burden later on. And in case you wonder which is the best bagless canister vacuum cleaner 2016, read the customer reviews now before deciding.


With a lot of vacuums offered here online of course we should go back to how much our budget can go for. Several websites shows price range of upright and canister vacuums based on their brands. If we have a low budget then we just need to consider the information provided above on how it answers to our needs. We can also monitor regularly the prices since every company are giving away discounts and sometimes on sale.

We would choose our own vacuum base on our home requirements and for the brand and warranty. It is important to have a quality and durable vacuums so we don’t need to buy after just a year or two years of using. It is a big point also to consider the warranty the company offers so that if there’s something wrong with the machine they could fix it for us without a cost.


How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner

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