Electrolux’s EL8505 – An Unsung Hero

By: Admin286lsdie

With a modest retail price and high scores across the board, the EL8505 is one cleaner no blogger would want to write about. Being a skeptic, I frequently hum to myself: “Appearances can be deceiving” as I am electrically thumbing through product reviews and articles published on these devices. And I always come across that one little, thrilling detail that everyone MUST know before buying. This model initially left me speechless.


There is nothing ugly to reveal – no terribly useless feature exposing the product as a money scam, no unexpected surprises waiting around the corner, six months after purchase. The only complaint I could find, in fact, came directed toward the hand turbo brush, which, although well-thought of in every other review I read, is reportedly difficult to unlatch, tending to bruise knuckles.

And I ask, is this “gritty detail” even publishable? Surely, that specter of a problem is no more so than the fact that the 12-amp EL8505 weighs about 23 pounds, placing it right in the midst of its competitors, or that the vacuum does its job. With plenty of suction, it picks up rice and kitty litter easily, and the standard, HEPA filter cycles allergens out from the environment, just as it should.


But there really are some features of this vacuum that set it apart, even if these are less extravagant than on other vacuums. Small touches, like the standard 30-foot cord, the One-Touch Carpet to Bare Floor Cleaning, allowing for switching easily from carpet to wood floors, and the ergonomic handle, add just enough convenience and technological savviness to the user’s experience that one could honestly describe it as economically luxurious.

And perhaps this aesthetic is precisely Electrolux’s aim. Looking at the traditional, sturdy design creates a sense of comfort and utility, of the comfortable, secure Middle Path. This vacuum cleaner does not make any promises it cannot keep and, for that reason, is an unsung hero within the upright category.



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