Miele S7210 Vacuum Cleaner

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Looking for a powerful, yet perfect vacuum to clean your house daily (even if you have cats/dogs/birds/etc)? Looking for a good vacuum cleaner for pet hair that will last? Looking for a bagged vacuum cleaner? Miele S7210 Vacuum Cleaner might be the perfect option, for only $429.00 at Amazon. Let’s see why:


1. 26.8 pounds = around 12 KG. Yep, kinda heavy, but easily to maneuver. Heavy to carry on stairs, upstairs, etc. Consider this, but also consider a lot of good stuff about this vacuum cleaner.

2. Big cord – No retractable cord. 35 Foot long cord. Around 10.6 meters (you can reach most of your house without problems). Trust me, most vacuum cleaners have shorter cords. You can go from room to room without even changing the power source (I love this about vacuum cleaners).

3. Good for – around tables/chair legs, works on stairs too, carpet (your carpet will look nice again – I’ve read that you can even “suck” sand from your carpet with this vacuum cleaner), upholstery, rugs, hardwood floors, bare floors (it won’t blow dirt away), oriental rugs,…

4. Plenty of suction – Also, besides suction, this device is kinda unique. It has an electrobrush that “knows” to automatically adjust to different carpets. This way you can clean your carpet way better than any other device. Also, it contains a new Air Clean Filter than won’t let dust, other stuff in the air.

5. Super quiet – Altough this is a “monster/big” machine, this is a relatively quiet machine. Most people reported this one is quieter than other related devices on the market. But, as you already know, the most important thing is to get the dirt + hair from your house. Your pet won’t be scared/run under the bed when you start your vacuum cleaner. Or your children. It’s not whisper quiet, but it’s quiter than other vacuum cleaners (you will see – you can even search for Youtube videos and compare to other vacuum cleaners).


6. Maneuvers – altough this vacuum is kinda heavy, it maneuvers very well and easy.

7. SOLID machine – this vacuum cleaner is solid. Made in Germany product (I love this country because I know german people make good stuff).

8. 7 Years warranty – have you found a better one for a vacuum cleaner yet? For motor + casing warranty.9. 12 foot hose – around 3.6 meters long. The hose is flexibile, so it’s super easy to clean upholstery or even drapery. How cool is that?

10. With bags/Bagged – yep, this vacuum cleaner is not bagless. You need to buy bags. Yep, it might be consider a cons by some, but in my opinion it’s easier this way. Those bagless vacuum cleaners are harder to clean. This vacuum might not be cheap, but you need to consider cheaper ones don’t last so long, yet don’t have so longer warranty dates.

11. Hard to vacuum the stairs – mostly because this one is heavy. Here are some vacuum cleaners/vac’s good enough to vacuum the stairs if you need an alternative vac: Royal Appliance, Dyson DC44 (this one is a Dyson for $359, but only 4.5 KG), Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, Eureka Hand-Held vac. Some of the ones are super cheap, yet others are more expensive, yet a complete replacement to the one mentioned here. Consider all their options, do your research and choose wisely!

12. No HEPA filter included – the HEPA filter is optional (you can buy and attach it to the vacuum cleaner). Perfect for those with allergies. The HEPA filter can be bought for less than $50 on Amazon:


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