Panasonic MC-UL915 “Jet Force” Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Ever since the 1980′s, Panasonic has always been in the forefront as one of the manufacturers of quality electronics and electrical appliances that is used all over the world. Panasonic can be considered as one of those companies that can effectively manufacture appliances that fulfill the expectations of most consumers that have tried their products for themselves. And how to find the best Panasonic canister vacuum reviews is one of the biggest question all buyers have asked for all the time.

The Panasonic MC-UL915 is a testament to Panasonic’s dedication to provide quality products that perform and produce results favoring it’s consumers. Panasonic’s “Jet Force” series of vacuum cleaners use their patented JetSpin Cyclone technology that optimizes their vacuum cleaner’s air flow in attaining an effective suction that can completely clean out dust and airborne particles lodged in carpets, couches and bare hardwood and flat floor surfaces.

Panasonic MC-UL915

Based upon the details of the Panasonic MC-UL915 designs, removing the dust bag actually improves the total airflow of the vacuum cleaner. No wonder some manufacturers have opted in adapting the bag-less design on their vacuum cleaners, as it improves their overall performance in regards to increased suction capabilities. Being an upright vacuum cleaner that it is, the Panasonic MC-UL915 is powered by a 35 foot electrical cord that runs it’s 12 ampere motor, giving it a 70 feet workable cleaning area without requiring you to frequently transfer from one wall socket to another, giving you more time to focus on your cleaning chores. One outstanding feature included in this vacuum cleaner is the fact that it uses a dirt sensor that determines the area to be cleaned. The dirt sensor appropriately calibrates the motor speed so that it can use the right amount of power that saves on effort and energy that is needed to accomplish cleaning the particular area on a floor or carpet.


The Panasonic MC-UL915 uses a HEPA (High Efficiency Air Particulate) filter to sort out most of the dust and airborne particles that it entraps with it’s powerful suction, even without the help of a primary dust bag. This vacuum has a dual motor system that operate it’s belt driven roller brush tool. The intricately configured belt driven mechanism was so designed as to prolong the drive belt’s durability. Accessories that come with the Panasonic MC-UL915 include an aluminum telescopic wand handle that can extend your reach up to 17 feet which can be used for hard to reach high places such as lighting fixtures and ceiling panels, a combination  tool brush for common cleaning purposes, a crevice tool for deep nooks and crannies and a pet air turbine brush for use on medium to thick piled carpets and fabrics, plus an extra floor brush that has a 14 inch cleaning path. The Panasonic MC-UL915 weighs in at about 20 pounds and measures 13 and ¼ inches in length, 14.24 inches by width and 39 inches by height with a retail price of $174.98 dollars. Panasonic also gives this product a 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor and includes extra items including a extra HEPA filter and an extra drive belt that should last long after the warranty is void.

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