Natural and Sustainable Cleaning

Tips for Natural and Sustainable Cleaning

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Tips for Natural and Sustainable Cleaning-Would not it be nice to connect to stuff themselves clean? Your home clean and we mean with clean: no real chemical additives. If we look on the packaging of detergents are there symbols, and descriptions that many people cannot place. We have no idea what has been added in cleaning agents or chemicals exactly what the point of it is exactly. Through advertising, we are told that it is good products that our household and body make healthier or maintain. But is this really the case?Here are some tips to get you home in a natural way to clean.

Natural Cleaning Tips

Natural and Sustainable Cleaning

1 Avoid harsh detergents

do not use bleach. It contains chlorine and is very bad for the environment. Regular cleaning with a natural soap or cleaner is just as hygienic and less harmful to the environment. Avoid chemical decongestants. Choose the suction cup or regular soda granules where you pour hot water over to unclog a clogged drain. Opt for vinegar for descaling chemical descales instead.

2. Buy green organic cleaning

it is sometimes some searching but it is becoming easier to buy. Green cleaning products in more and more shelves you find a “green” alternative to the existing products. You’ll find the detergent Bell AH Eco again and you can go to the Nature Shop go to the line of Recover.

3. Ventilate your home regularly

By cleaning chemicals and building materials that toxic substances “breathe” air quality can sometimes be much worse inside than outside. Additionally, the new homes are often extremely well insulated and are thus shut. It is therefore good to air out your home regularly and if you go to sleep your window nice open.

4. Be careful with antibacterial cleaners

They appear more often on the antibacterial cleaners. They lead us to believe that it is necessary to clean. Antibacterial However, this is bullshit it turns out to be counterproductive because it is the natural ‘good’ bacteria affects the skin causing bacteria just get more chances productive. In addition, it has been shown that soap and water works just as well.

5. Get weather soda and vinegar in the house

Natural and Sustainable Cleaning

Natural and Sustainable Cleaning

The remedies of the past are still working. Acidic cleaning products are indispensable in the household. That’s because acid soap scum and lime can solve. Many well-known cleaning products contain therefore an acid. This can be a strong acid such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. Or a weak acid, such as vinegar or citric acid. Hydrochloric acid is the substance that we usually found in commercial descaling for household appliances and aggressive descaling for toilet bowls. Descales with hydrochloric acid is very corrosive products that are highly irritating to the skin. In short, use natural acids such as lemon and vinegar. These are safer in use, and the least harmful to the environment.

6. Let your home in a natural way to smell good

Get rid of those awful air freshener with artificial odors. Pick flowers and plants in the house that spread a nice fragrance and filter the air. Furthermore, a number of ecological brands natural air fresheners. Example of Weldments

7 Avoid the dry cleaners

Chemical cleaning is usually done with the fabric. This substance is very harmful to the environment. However, a number of dry-cleaning chlorine-free (including the dry cleaning of Albert Hein and Hangers Cleaners). Work is also underway to less harmful cleaning methods, such as CO2 or wet cleaning with soap and water.

8 Design your home with ‘cleaning in mind’

it’s not the first thing you think of when you let a home designs. But a house that is easy to keep clean is something to say. Before think of materials, no unnecessary corners or for example a ‘floating’ kitchen. Talk it agrees with the architect.

9 Keep to the dosage

Follow the dosage to make regulations on the label. In practice, far too much detergent is often used. This is wasteful and also ensures banding and stickiness, which must be cleaned. Again take extra care at concentrated products because the risk of overdose is quite large here.

10. Use microfiber cloths for cleaning

Micro fiber cloths are or not a natural product, but they are enormously long time (600 innings) so I think they are preferred over cotton cloths or disposable wipes. With a microfiber cloth you with little detergent to clean quickly and thoroughly. You can use the wipes dry or wet.

11 of wastes properly

Separate waste do most people already. Nowadays, it is in many places also possible to separate plastics. When purchasing products also on the packaging. For the separation of paper, you can choose a convenient tray

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